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How I learned without going to school…

People are amazed when I speak Spanish, and they are even more surprised to hear that I did not even attend Spanish school.

How nice would it be to be able to speak foreign language without studying it!!!

How it happened is just like how babies learn to speak.  I was very fortunate to be in the environment, in which people just talked to me in Spanish, and I had to some how respond.

I will go deeper into how I actually achieved it in my book but here are some keys to acquire language effectively (not efficiently):

i) put yourself in the environment, where you need to speak the language,

ii) throw your pride away, and focus on what is essential to communicate,

iii) listen carefully, learn words/phrases you hear frequently, and try them out.

For all above, patience and persistence are the key.  Even though neither did I attend school nor opened Spanish text book, it took me several years to be able to more or less fluently communicate in Spanish.

If you want to acquire foreign language quickly, I would suggest attending school or studying on your own but if you just cannot focus on studying, above maybe your option…

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