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If you are new to Japanese, remember below. I have put together simple expressions. Categories English Spanish Pronunciation Greetings 1) Hi, hello 2) Bye 3) Thank you 4) Sorry / excuse me 1) お疲れ様です (おつかれさまです) 2) 失礼します 3) ありがとうございます 4) すみません 1) oh-tsu-ka-leh-sama-desu 2) si-tsu-lei shimasu 3) ah-li-gato gozai masu 4) su-mi-ma-sen Response 1) Yes […]


Authentic Experience

— Author: Miriam January 21, 2018 (article shared by Traveler’s Compass) An ever increasing number of explorers are requesting a “authentic” travel experience, a pattern that specialists say plays under the control of experienced One reason individuals set out is to have a “bona fide encounter.” They imagine setting out to a remote nation and […]