Authentic Experience

— Author: Miriam January 21, 2018 (article shared by Traveler’s Compass) An ever increasing number of explorers are requesting a “authentic” travel experience, a pattern that specialists say plays under the control of experienced One reason individuals set out is to have a “bona fide encounter.” They imagine setting out to a remote nation and […]

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Spanish Diary 1 – See the culture through the language

Language Diary – see the culture through the language – Author: Viv As I was studying my Spanish reading material today, I discovered a few interesting things about the Spanish language as well as Spanish speaking culture, in comparison with English. 1. Feelings… In Spanish, your feeling is to have, and it is not something […]

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The Shortcut to Becoming Fluent in Foreign Language

Many people have asked this question, “what is the fastest way to become fluent in foreign language?” Various people would have different answers but in our experience, the answer is to use it as much as possible. Fluency in language is like reflex.  In certain situations, you say certain expression without thinking.  The more “reflex” […]