Which language should I learn?

This is the question that I cannot answer but many people frequently ask…

Let me ask you a few questions that I hope will help finding your own answer:
1) Which language do you need to learn or will be useful if you learn?
2) If you do not have an answer to the question above, which culture or language are you interested in?
3) If no definitive answer for above questions, why are you asking which language to learn?

***A few little things for you to consider:
1) You will spend lots of time and effort learning a language.
2) According to quick search on google, Mandarin (Chinese), English, and Chinese are the top 3 most spoken languages in 2016.
3) If you do not speak English, I would, personally, recommend you to learn English, simply because it is useful. However, if you have read this far and understood all what I have written here, then maybe it is good enough for you…

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